Saturday 28 Apr, 2018

Starting at 9:00am

Ticket Returns

Ticket returns

There are always more people who want to attend MeasureCamp than we have tickets to give out. We’re very eager to see as many spaces filled as possible.

How to return your ticket

If you can no longer make it to MeasureCamp Columbus, please return your ticket via your Eventbrite account.

We don’t permit transfers from one person to another. If your name’s not on our list then, out of fairness to everyone else, we won’t let you in.

Ticket return special offer

If you return your ticket before April 21, 2018 you will be eligible to apply for a pre-release ticket for the next MeasureCamp. How’s that for an incentive?

Ticket return details

  • Return your MeasureCamp Columbus ticket by 04/21/2018. Ticket returns are managed via Eventbrite so do it there.
  • Once you return your ticket, you will automatically be added to our ‘returners’ list.
  • Before we release tickets for the next MeasureCamp Columbus (date TBD), we will email you to confirm whether you are still interested in attending.
  • You’ll have two weeks to say YES. Otherwise the ticket will go back in the pot and you’ll have to go through the same process as everyone else to try to get a ticket.
  • We don’t permit transfers of tickets from one person to another.