Saturday 28 Apr, 2018

Starting at 9:00am


Mark your calendars to ensure you do not miss your chance to experience MeasureCamp!

Please remember sales people are not allowed. This is an event by analytics practitioners for the analytics practitioners! So if you are a salesperson why not contact us for sponsorship!

Have a ticket but can’t make it now? Ticket return details are here.

Tickets will be released in batches to provide everyone with a fair chance of being online at the right time to register for one.  Watch out for announcements on FacebookTwitter, & LinkedIn to alert you to when tickets will be made available.

And, if after registering you discover that you can no longer attend MeasureCamp, please let us know so the ticket can be redistributed.

MeasureCamp organizers reserve the right to restrict and withdraw tickets from Digital Analytics vendors (to prioritize users of Digital Analytics).